They are working closely with the (DTI) Department of Trade & Industry, The Quill Research Centre in Queens University, Belfast, The University of Manchester and CoEBio3 (a specialist biotechnology research initiative), so without doubt Enviroways Technologies is committed to bringing a range of products to the market and together we have the same vision of a cleaner world.

You may be suprised to learn that the annual clean up bill for the UK back in 2005 was estimated then at 150m so it is proving to be a consistent and expensive growing problem clearing the gum from public and private areas. Traditional methods of removal are costly and slow often being completed at night using labour intensive steam cleaning methods.

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Welcome To Eco Solutions 4 All.

The company is based in The UK and in Spain.  It was established primarily to work in conjunction with a leading Northern Ireland based environmental solutions company, working to find a unique non-toxic, eco friendly solution to cleaning off discarded chewing gum from the streets, pavements and walk ways of most towns and cities that are plagued and littered with it.
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